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+212 655 92 23 24
Av. Mohammed V, Essaouira


Surf Camps in Essaouira Morocco by Lovingsurf Tarifa; Morocco is located in the north-west of Africa and is an incredibly varied country with snow covered mountains, oases, deserts and mile long beaches that you’re bound to run into a camel or two when you’re heading out for a sunrise surf. In addition to this comes a whole lot of world class waves that together with a vibrant culture, low prices and great weather makes this an awesome getaway. You’ll find many great waves in walking distance of Taghazout, along with many restaurants and places you can check out the local vibe. This is a country that will surely impress you.

Live a unique experience with Loving Surf! Discover Morocco. Live a unique surfing experience in an amazing country. You will be able to have the best instructors and conditions for surfing. Enjoy Essaouira.

Here at Loving surf we don’t just offer you a good experience… we aim to offer the best you can get! Join us today at our Surf School Tarifa. At Loving Surf our lessons aren’t just about surfing. We like to provide a relaxing, fun and unforgettable day for all of our students.

No car? No problem! We offer a transport service to take our students to and from the beach at no extra cost. If the conditions are not perfect at our regular spots we make every effort to chase the waves and find the perfect place for your daily lessons….if there are waves to be found we find them!



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